About Us


Welcome to the Rapha Chiropractic

Founded 12 years ago, our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping you!


I make an effort to treat everyone like family and I listen to and respect what you have to say. It’s all about the relationships and partnerships that we forge.

Together, we work on your health goals, whether its wellness oriented care or relief from an ache, pain or some symptom you’d rather live without. And, we achieve highly successful outcomes in most cases.

After all these years, I’m still excited about the health benefits that chiropractic offers to everyone willing to give it a try and I’m convinced that getting to know us might be one of the best health care decisions you’ll ever make for yourself and family.


About Dr. David Joo

Dr. David Joo always wanted to help patients in need since he was hospitalized when he was 8. Later, he experienced chiropractic treatments and found out that the chiropractors treat the whole person, not just the disease, without using drugs which only treats symptoms, not the cause of the disease. Dr. Joo uses several chiropractic techniques and physiotherapy that are tailored for each and every patients to achieve optimal treatment goals. Please tell him what kind of goals you have with the chiropractic care, so he can tailor his treatment plans according to your needs.